CupboardCast 2.01 - Gameshows - 09/01/09

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  • Song Name: CupboardCast 2.01 - Gameshows - 09/01/09
  • Artist: CupboardCast
  • Album: CupboardCast
  • Year: 2009

CupboardCast returns! Or so it seems, until the typical conversation is cut half-way through by somebody tuning into various gameshows. You can finally hear classics such as Supermarket Sweep, Family Fortunes, A Question of Sport and many more like you’ve never heard them before! Don’t worry though, listen out for more familiar features such as Wally and Grom Grom and brand new one’s such as Thom’s 101! - Visit now to aviod torture!

Contains strong lanaguage and obvious spoofing.

The Cast - Thom, Graeme, Chris, James, Amy and Ruth.