CupboardCast 2.02 - Soaps - 16/01/09

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  • Song Name: CupboardCast 2.02 - Soaps - 16/01/09
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  • Year: 2009

It can’t be that hard to make your own soap opera! Can it? This week, we look at the increasingly bad world of soaps. Witness our gripping attempt of our own in ‘Factory Dreams’, find out what other residents of Weatherfield are like in ‘Rosamund Street’ and we call Linford Christie and Zoe Ball live! Plus chunks of gold from Wally and Grom Grom as well as Thom’s 101! Visit for all the latest or leave us a message by calling 07005 804 101. Join us on 19/01/09 for Christmas Adventure Part 2 Commentary!

Contains very strong language and no clear direction.

The Cast - Thom, Graeme, Chris, James and Amy.