CupboardCast 2.03 - News - 23/01/09

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  • Song Name: CupboardCast 2.03 - News - 23/01/09
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  • Year: 2009

News! What’s it all about? Who makes it? Neither of these questions are answered by us! Instead we bring you: Arthouse Review, the opinions of our new American host, the All-New Channel 4 News and some very news-centric chat! Plus your regular joes: Thom’s 101 and Wally and Grom Grom too! Listen out for Mr Blobby and our BBC News Megamix too! Visit if you’d like to remain alive and listen in on 26/01/09 for our Partwork Magazine Special!

Contains strong language and a megamix.

The Cast - Thom, Graeme, Chris and James.